Welcome To The Top 100 Party Songs!

This is the site where you will find the best party music out there! These are the best dance songs and best party songs that make you want to shake it loose and bring the house down!

This party playlist of the top 100 party songs contains songs guaranteed to get your party started. From dance floor favourites to sing-along classics, this is your ultimate playlist of songs.

So if you need some good party songs for your event whether that's a homecoming, job promotion or else just a good old fashioned shindig, you're in the right place (at the right time)!

Party Music Makes You Lose Control

All the songs on here are great party songs that have been known to kick-start the fun. If you're holding an event anytime soon then we would advise that you include some of these dance party favourites, especially if you've never held a party before.

If you have a DJ taking care of the music, make sure to slip in a few of these as requests as you're bound to have some of your favourites amongst them.

Make sure you've gathered plenty of friends around to make it a memorable experience and let them know you're in a party mood. You have all the songs that make you want to move it on the dance floor...all you have to do is play them!

Nowhere Like Party Town

The aim of this party songs playlist is to put you in party heaven. There are good parties and bad parties and the party music on here will help yours to be one of the better ones.

A great party is one of the best nights you can have. When you can just while the night away with your friends and have a ball, you know you've found a good party.

Even if you're not planning on holding one, just listening to the songs on here will make you feel good again and wish that you were in one!

What's The Number 1 Party Song?

So which of these top 100 songs will claim the coveted number 1 spot and title of the best party song of all time? I'm sure you have your guesses ready but only one can win.

Will Michael Jackson clean up on the dance floor? Or will Lady GaGa be able to spread enough of her magic to land the number 1 spot?

Or perhaps an outsider will roll in and shock the revellers with their party-ready tunes? Which is the piece of party music that people can never resist?

Well you're about to find out shortly...

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